Wednesday, February 10, 2010


United States intelligence has now focused its lasers on the alleged 300 al-Qaeda jihadis concealed in Yemen's craggy, rural Maarib province

Al Qaeda will be young, perversely addicted to the virtual ummah, live in a Western, will have honed their yearning to join jihad in a third country

They may go to Yemen after they have idealizing the ummah on the Internet broken communication with their families. from Dhiren Barot to the Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, deterritorialization, virtual, individualistic. There is no "al-Qaeda" network, in English, virtual jihadi nomad, like characters in a Fyodor Dostoevsky or Albert Camus novel.

al-Qaeda treats local regimes as US lackeys

a hefty case can be made that "al-Qaeda" is nothing but a dissidence (or a "rogue" arm) of Saudi intelligence, notice the close relationship between Osama bin Laden and wily Prince Turki bin Faisal, the former director general of Saudi intelligence.

al-Qaeda's fight has nothing to do with Che Guevara's in the 1960s, it is not about ideology - but about an idea/flame that seduces

"the lonely avenger, the hero, who can redeem a life he is not happy with by achieving fame while escaping a world where he finds no room"
a portrait of John Lennon's murderer.

American intelligence is still hostage to "territory". in Yemen and in the Waziristans. They will find nothing but ghosts

The holy trinity of building "development" and "governance", and counter-terrorism. counter-insurgency as Israelis in Gaza and West Bank, Americans in AfPak with Pakistani Taliban enhanced, and "al-Qaeda" left the building

Obama branding al-Qaeda ghost to "soft" invasion of Yemen

President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Sana'a accuses Huthis of being linked to both al-Qaeda (Wahhabi radicals who consider Shi'ites as worse than the plague) and Iran (Shi'ites who abhor al-Qaeda

utter nonsense. Washington will inevitably brand the Huthis as "terrorists" - just like every resistance in Iraq was "terrorist", whether they were Sunni or Sadrists

Tens of thousands of foreign troops are bogged down in Afghanistan. NATO will also hit Yemen, "war on terror", all cogs in the relentless full spectrum dominance machine, the real deal is to scramble to control and/or monitor as many global sources of oil and gas as possible.

getting deeper in the "arc of instability", instilling Cold War between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Blessed are those "al-Qaeda" virtual jihadi nomads

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