Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Venezuelan government
US is pursuing
war of attrition
Nicaragua in the 1980s
Chile under Allende
political warfare
counterrevolutionary strategy
military threats
with psychological operations, disinformation campaigns, black propaganda, economic sabotage, diplomatic pressures, the mobilization of political opposition forces inside the country, carrying out provocations and sparking violent confrontations in the cities, manipulation of disaffected sectors and the exploitation of legitimate grievances among the population.
deft at taking
mistakes and limitations, such as corruption, clientalism, and opportunism
deft at aggravating and manipulating material problems, such as shortages, price inflation
to destroy
by making it unworkable
exhausting the population's will to
forge a new society
undermine the revolution's mass social base
collapse it in on itself
by undermining the remarkable hegemony
a crackdown
democratic socialist process
into an authoritarian one

by constant war of attribution
through elections, a military putsch from within, an uprising, mass defections from the revolutionary camp, or a combination
military bases in Colombia
crucial platform for intelligence and reconnaissance operations
infiltration of counterrevolutionary military, economic sabotage, and terrorist groups
to harass
to provoke reactions
to synchronize armed provocation
mere threat
bases represent
powerful US psychological operatio
heighten tensions
extremist positions
"crying wolf,"
to embolden internal anti-Chavista and counterrevolutionary forces.
the military bases
part of the larger U.S. strategy
all of Latin America
a counteroffensive to
"Pink Tide."
Venezuela is the epicenter of an emergent counter-hegemonic bloc
Bolivia and Ecuador
region's burgeoning social movements
left political forces are
coup in Honduras
provided impetus
bastion of 21st century fascism

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