Monday, February 22, 2010


General Franco imposed by Hitler and Mussolini, Spanish Republic during the years 1936–1939.

possibility, land reform, educational reform, public pension refor, trade unionism

groups opposed to these reforms carried out a military coup. Spain’s popular classes defend the Republic but lack of arms

The West did not lift a finger, afraid reform would “contaminate” their own popular classes

More than 200,000 executed, another 200,000 died in concentration camps 114,266 people, disappeared

until 1978, repression was a constant, apologists such as Juan Linz denied
fascist totalitarian, defined it as authoritarian. It was a nationalism based
on a special race

transition in 1978 carried out on terms favorable to the right-wing led by the king

Amnesty Law, immunity for all. Pact of Silence from all political parties, 114,266 disappeared remained disappeared.

three years ago, the grandchildren started looking. There were people who knew where. in this “model” transition, the right-wing forces still held enormous power

new law, The Law of Historical Memory. socialists have done little, afraid
the monarchy, the Army, and the Church) that insists on Pact of Silence and the Amnesty Law.

Enter Judge Garzon who tried to take General Pinochet to court. Under pressure recovery of historical memory. Pinochet was a boy scout compared with Franco. Judge Garzon called for inquiry. hold tribunals, the repression was even broader and deeper than previously known

reactionary forces mobilized, took Judge Garzon to the Supreme Court. Supreme Court, Judge Varela saw merit in their request. Amnesty Law
gave permanent immunity. Judge Varela’s indictment exposing all the political and judicial systems to the criticism

Judge Varela wants to prevent Judge Garzon, will reveal a pact of silence

The initial work done by Judge Garzon has already proved. United Nations Human Rights Law, Article 15.2 “crimes against humanity” cannot be silenced by
Amnesty Law

And the “official” international media remain silent.

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