Thursday, February 18, 2010


Tom Ridge, was on MSNBC's Hardball With Chris Matthews
"create nuclear power plants."
since 2005, Ridge has pocketed $530,659 in executive compensation for serving on the board of Exelon, the nation's largest nuclear power company. As of March 2009, he also held an estimated $248,299 in Exelon stock
"NBC Military Analyst" Barry McCaffrey told viewers that the war in Afghanistan would require an additional "three- to ten-year effort" and "a lot of money."
granted DynCorp a five-year deal worth an estimated $5.9 billion to aid American forces in Afghanistan
The first year is locked
four options are subject
Pentagon's use of former military officers
to get their talking points on television in exchange for access
x-Newsweek writer Richard Wolffe
working at a large PR firm
"strategies for managing corporate reputation."
covert corporate influence peddling
Since 2007
seventy-five registered lobbyists
have appeared
no disclosure
everyone involved
heavily invested in
current system

Bernard Whitman, president of Whitman Insight Strategies
worked for AIG to "develop, test, launch, and enhance their consumer brand
appeared on Fox
"Having said that, we need to move beyond anger, frustration and hysteria to really get down to the brass tacks of solving this economy,"

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