Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The Corporate Globalization Network (hereafter called the "Franchisor" agrees to provide to the Local Comprador (hereafter called the "Franchisee"):

1) training in media propaganda, subversion of democracy, and destruction of the middle class and intellectuals
1a) there will be an extra charge for corporate media propaganda in favor of franchisee's "movement" in the first world press
2) covert arms shipments and training for paramilitaries before the coup
3) organization and training of secret police and outsized armies after the coup
4) Chicago-school economic advisors to organize the pillaging of the economy by multinationals
5) access to money-laundering and capital flight services
6) diplomatic recognition from the U.S. and other gangster franchisors.

The Franchisee agrees to provide the Franchisor:

1) the superficial appearance of being a democracy
2) the destruction of all government price supports and subsidies for social services.
3) the privatization of all natural resources, such as petroleum and fresh water.
4) the outlawing of trade unions
4a) where this is not possible, assassinations of labor leaders is an acceptable substitute.
5) the avoidance or repeal of inconvenient laws on environmental protection
6) adherence to the dictates of the IMF, the WTO, and other international loan sharks.
7) the destabilization of neighboring regimes who refuse to "get with the program"
8) finally, the franchisee agrees to generally behave as the franchisor tells him to.

The Franchisor permits the Franchisee to make a profit:

1) by exploiting his citizens and his country's resources
2) by graft and corruption,
3) by intimidation and ethnic cleansing,
4) by growing drug crops or participating in drug smuggling,
5) by being an offshore banking haven,
6) or by any other of the various criminal means accepted by the global elites.

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