Saturday, April 03, 2010

Arundhati Roy on the Palestinian / Israeli Conflict

Arundhati Roy, has offered her services to act as a representative on behalf of the Maoist resistance group fighting Indian Armed Forces and Security Services
She is not in the good book of both Pro-Israel and Hindutva groups because she has compared Indian occupation of Muslim majority Kashmir with the Jewish illegal occupation of Palestine

Arundhati Roy’s offer, while well-comed by the Maoist leadership – has irked Hindutva establishment.

They mirror the incredible mental descent and cultural depravity of a post-Bollywood, web-savvy class, cut off from historical precedent, unaware of India’s socio-economic past, unaware of rational, sensible discourse and debate, ignorant about India’s own philosophical traditions, let alone world history– about colonization and the genocide against aboriginal people.

It is time for all the alternative left and democratic opposition to come together on a common platform oppose this horrendous Green Hunt before full scale massacres start happening.

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