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Bush anxious to be absent 1975 "Year of Intelligence," intense scrutiny of illegal activities. On December 22, 1974, New York Times published a series by Seymour M. Hirsh, leaked CIA documents assembled by Director Schlesinger to expose self-exposure by the CIA to set the agenda for the Ford-appointed Rockefeller Commission which was set up January 4, 1975. members included John T. Connor, C. Douglas Dillon, Erwin N. Griswold, Lane Kirkland, Lyman Lemnitzer, Ronald Reagan, and Edgar F. Shannon, Jr.

Rockefeller proposals would reflect the transition from cold war towards the totalitarian tendencies of the 1980's. At the same time Congressional committees were empanelled during 1975, less controlled.

Church Committee. Frank Church investigation of covert operations assassinating foreign leaders, had been re-targeted to domestic with the obvious case being Kennedy. Church thought CIA's covert branch feeds on itself, with schemes for to win them promotions.

at the beginning of Bush's tenure at the CIA, committees were on the offensive. By the time Bush departed Langley, the table were turned. Congress was the focus, Koreagate and Abscam

Halloween massacre, summer of 1975. Don Rumsfeld to Ford on July 10, 1975. choices for CIA Director. Henry Kissinger, who suggested C. Douglas Dillon, Howard Baker, Galvin, and Robert Roosa. Cheney proposed Robert Bork, followed by Bush and Lee Iacocca. Rockefeller was also for C. Douglas Dillon, followed by Howard Baker, Conner, and James R. Schlesinger. Rumsfeld himself listed Bork, Dillon, Iacoca, Stanley Resor, and Walter Wriston, but not Bush.

Bush was not leading. Bush's storm of criticism. In November, 1976, Bush was kept in Beijing, preparing the Ford-Mao meetings of early December.

Former CIA officer Tom Braden, Bush looked bad. Roland Evans and Robert Novak, grave morale deflator. Washington Post, against. George Will, wrong kind of guy

Church recieved a letter by Ford on October 31, 1975, demanding assassination plots kept secret. Church's opinion these two developments were stonewalling. Church press statement, "I am astonished that Ford wants to suppress

November 3, Church asked by Daniel Schorr asked about the firing of Colby and replacement by Bush. Church said concealment is order of the day. "Hiding evil is totalitarian.

following day, Leslie Gelb's NYT, Bush

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