Thursday, April 08, 2010

Kyrgyz government falls

President Kurmanbek Bakiyev reportedly fleeing. Galina Skripkina, a spokesperson for the opposition Social Democratic Party. Opposition leader Temir Sariyev. Prime Minister Daniyar Usenov [said]...

Sariyev returned from a visit to Moscow. Kyrgyzstan bordering China and close to Afghanistan, relies on cash payments from the United States and Russia for the use of military bases

US airbase at Manas is logistical centers for occupation of Afghanistan. Manas airport is functioning normally.

Bakiyev, in 2005 Tulip Revolution. then-president Askar Akayev forced from office in a de facto palace coup.

frequent demonstrations protesting increased prices of basic. Bakiyev had placed Bishkek, Talas and Naryn, under curfew clamped down on independent media and Internet

Power cuts, no hydrocarbon resources, rely on remittances from workers in Russia. opposition to war in Afghanistan and the US “counter-terrorism training center” in Kyrgyzstan which is a base for CIA and Pentagon “black ops

Deputy Prime Minister Aklybek Japarov and Interior Minister Moldomusa Kongantiyev, caught and beaten by protesters. condemned the regime, violations of basic rights, journalists intimidated or killed, newspapers shut down, Prisoners abused, opposition
attacked. murder of journalist Gennady Pavluk, payback for his criticism

presidential election rigged. Washington refused to condemn. Washington’s key allies. established a base in 2001. Manas airbase crucial role for occupation and“surge” of “AfPak” war

2009, increase in rent, $17 million to $60 million. source of concern to the Russian elite. Russian government has denied involvement in events. Is now to be out of the control of Kyrgyz elite or international powers. both powers seek to impose their will on new government

China is major player, trade increasing rapidly. Beijing sees Kyrgyzstan as an important link to the energy-rich Caspian Basin

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