Wednesday, April 07, 2010

THE ROVING EYE Collateral Pentagon By Pepe Escobar

"We've shot an amazing number of people and killed a number and, to my knowledge, none has proven to have been a real threat to the force."

That was General Stanley McChrystal

Public opinion in the Pentagon-defined "arc of instability" from the Middle East to Central Asia may see it for what it is: the "rules of engagement" for a Pentagon serially engaged in perpetrating "collateral damage"

"shoot an amazing number of people" rules of engagement in both, has just been provided by the small, independent Wikileaks website.

This is definitely not Academy Award winner The Hurt Locker - where American soldiers are selfless heroes and Iraqis are faceless ghosts

the kind of heroes who mistake a telephoto lens for an rocket-propelled grenade

"Oh, yeah, look at those dead bastards."
"Good shoot'n."
"Thank you."

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