Tuesday, April 20, 2010


If the purpose of the war was to avenge 9/11 then our mission has been accomplished.
  • The cost of 1 soldier for 1 year in Afghanistan is $1 million; while the cost of college tuition at a California State University is $9,285.
  • The cost of a single anti-tank missile in Afghanistan is $85,000; while the cost of providing 1 year of college books and supplies is $1,608 (average fees).
  • And the cost of 1 predator drone in Afghanistan is $4.5 million; while 1 full Pell Grant for a college student in California is $5,350.
Or imagine if the $37.9 billion California contributed to the war had been spent on expanding health care, improving education, or increasing our energy independence? According to NPP – for one year – we could have provided funding for any one of the following:

• 15.6 million people with health care;
• 5.7 million scholarships and 7 million Pell Grants for university students;
• 4.5 million Head Start placements for children;
• 500,000 new elementary school teachers;
• 676,649 public safety officers;
• 535,058 music and arts teachers;
• 113,373 affordable housing units;
• And 67.4 million homes with renewable electricity.

Every California city tells its own story of misused taxpayer dollars. San Francisco has contributed $1 billion to the war in Afghanistan – enough to provide
  • 3,023 affordable housing units and
  • 8,042 public safety officers.
Los Angeles contributed $3.2 billion – enough to provide
  • 1.2 million children with health care.

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