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The Century Of The Self - There is a Policeman Inside_1 of 6

Monday 29 April - Thursday 2 May 2002 7pm-8pm

An overview of each Century of the Self programme

Episode Two,

At about the time of Kent State and democratic convention '68, there began ruthless repression of the New Left. In the face of this the Left began to fall apart. "The Man" was much bigger and stronger than we realized. At that point, a change in tactics began. If it was impossible to get the policeman out of ones head by overthrowing the state, then instead one should find a way to get inside of one's own mind and removing the controls implanted there by the state and the corporations. Out of this would come a new self and thus a new society. The personal became political. (This seems somewhat Gramsciian). They outgun us. Turn to Willhelm Reich (The nemesis of Freaud, whose ideas were used by the state for social control). Invent ways for individuals to free themselves. The Esalen Institute. A form of group encounter put on by a man trained by Reich, Fritz Perls. Self enactment, self revelations, staying present.

Another driver was Herbert Marcuse, One Dimensional Man. Marcuse's most famous student was Angela Davis

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