Thursday, May 13, 2010

Has the JFK Assassination been finally solved?

I am an amateur historian, a citizen who has studied the JFK Asassination for decades now
My estimation is that about eighty percent of the JFK Asassination Conspiracy material
is smokescreen and/or outright bunk.

I herewith submit some authors and titles on the subject
whom I regards as honest authors
each one revealing a distinct angle of the JFK case.

That way other students of the JFK Conspiracy
will have a way to tell if I know what Im saying.

Here is a good reading list

Mark Lane - Plausible Denial
Richard? Grodin - High Treason
Walt Brown - Teachery in Dallas
Dick Thomas - The Man Who Knew Too Much
(last book is rich with striking data but seems impossible to find a copy -
the one i read my friend found at a garage sale in Ohio,
a hardbound, about 800 pages 200 of which are footnotes)

Two GREAT novels also have inside info on the JFK Assassination

Norman Mailer - Harlot's Ghost
James McElroy? - American Tabloid

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