Monday, May 17, 2010


They absolutely don’t want you to know about the economic collapse of the Western World called the “Panic of 1873” that forced tens of millions of people in the United States and Europe to abandon their farms and crowd into cities providing the slave labor needed to fuel the Industrial Revolution that amassed the fortunes of corporate and banking interests still surviving to this day.

They absolutely don’t want you to know about the economic collapse of the Western World called the “Panic of 1907” that led to the destruction of the United States monetary system allowing the private European banking giant known as the Federal Reserve System to gain total control over the American economy by 1913 and leading to World War I starting in 1914.

They absolutely don’t want you to know about the economic collapse of the Western World known as the “Great Depression” that began in 1929 when the Federal Reserve crashed the US stock market allowing them to take American off of the gold standard and paving the way for an alliance between the United States and Nazi Germany, but that was thwarted at the very last moment in 1933 when Marine General Smedley Butler stopped the overthrow of President Roosevelt.

They absolutely don’t want you to know that the father of one American President and grandfather of another, Prescott Bush, was one of the chief financers for Americas corporate and banking elite of Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

They absolutely don’t want you to know that two brothers from the German Warburg banking family, Paul and Max, headed both the US Federal Reserve and German Central Bank that financed both World War I and II.

They absolutely don’t want you to know that the aftermath of the Great Depression and World War II remade American, once again, by forcing millions of its citizens into what are called suburbs and away from their city centers where modern electric transit systems were dismantled leaving these people dependent upon automobiles thus fueling massive profits for the car and oil industries while at the same time encircling these suburban enclaves with massive road systems called Interstates that were actually designed by Nazi German engineers to allow these areas to be militarily controlled in “times of war”.

Note: Not many Americans even know that their “Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways” is now, and always has been a military project.

And even though I could go on and on with so many critical and important to know historical truths that have been hidden from you, the most important one these “officials” don’t want you to know about is that each and every time these elites have come against the American people they met fierce resistance, and they’re afraid is about to happen again.

These periods of resistance are called by historians as the Great Awakenings and of which there were three: The first began in the 1730’s and led to the American Revolution, the second began in the early 1800’s and led to the American Civil War, and the third began in the late 1800’s-early 1900’s and led to the rise of social movements gaining women the right to vote, the abolition of child labor, and the unionization of workers.

As the United States and its Western Allies are once again mired in a deliberately engineered economic collapse, and as the stirrings of a Forth Great Awakening are beginning to be felt in the corridors of power, there is one thing each and everyone of you can be assured of….your life, your Nation, your hopes, your dreams…EVERYTHING…will in less time than you can believe be changed beyond all recognition….are you prepared for it?

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