Thursday, May 20, 2010


The Israeli armed forces are no longer able to control the ground. Lebanon (2006), Gaza (2008). Their tanks, Russian RPG. Their navy, land-sea missiles supplied to Hezbollah by China equipped with anti-jamming system. air dominance, Russian S-300, currently being shipped.

Iraqi Kurdistan engineered by the United States, economic development under Israeli control. Washington’s support of separatist Kurds under PKK compelled Turkish military to turnaround, Atlantic Alliance, no longer

Israel, an enemy tone with Tel Aviv escalate since ecip Erdogan and Shimon Peres spared at Davos.

Iraqi chaos, quasi-state in Kurdistan, forced regional neighbours to work together. Washington attempted to destabilize them all

United States and Israel covertly supported Turkey (PKK) and Iran (Pejak) and Kurds in Syria. result, Iran-Syria-Turkey triangle

Iran, leader of the Shiites. After Bremmer’s destruction of Iraqi Baath. Syria, leader of the secular. Turkey, cradle of Sunni. This alliance dropped divide and rule. end to the Fitna. Abdullah of Saudi invited Ahmadinejad to Mecca

"de-Baathisation" of Iraq unting season former executive officers. one million Iraqis have been welcomed to Syria. Initially immigration economic crisis, digested provided highly qualified executives.

turmoil by the United States in Yemen forced Saudi royal family to support King Abdhallah’s appeasement. Syria and Iran, Hariri Lebanese-Saudi clan asked to reconcile with Bashar al-Assad, recognize armed Lebanese Resistance, opening the way for a government of national unity

Washington may still destabilize, several attempts. corrupt Syrian generals to overthrow Bashar al-Assad foiled.

The multiple attacks orchestrated by the CIA in the non-Persian provinces of Iran failed to trigger separatist revolts. While the colour revolution, organized by the CIA and MI6 during the presidential election, was been drowned out by a human tidal wave. To the tens of thousands of protesters in the northern neighbourhoods of Tehran, the rest of the country responded with a massive demonstration of 5 million people.

Washington is incapable of Gladio military dictatorship in Turkey.

Washington and Tel Aviv could also fabricate fraudulent files. since 2007 Israel discovered nuclear research in Syria. Iran, vast programe of a similar nature. Syria of Scuds into Lebanon. But the accusations do not stand up, Colin Powell regarding Iraqi’s alleged possession of weapons. There have been numerous IAEA inspection, only found normal.

Petraeus set off alarm, game played by the Israelis in Palestine, in Iraq
thwarted U.S. plans. GIs in Iraq and Afghanistan hostages to Turkey, Syria and Iran
as they are the only ones to pacify rebellious populations. Israel strategic ally
has become a burden

regional enemies are now shields. Moscow has repositioned With Israel, Russia reaffirmed settlement of the conflict based on UN resolutions (including right of return and Madrid conference. return of territories, two-state solution. There are one million ex-Soviets in Israel, Moscow wants to forestall exodus. advocated reconciliation ofFatah and Hamas. met Khaled Mechaal. Russia supports rapprochement
between Iran, Syria and Turkey. entered a phase of intense cooperation. opened borders, liberalised trade, economies energised. Russia has no intention of staying out. a Turk can enter Russia. Earlier this year Hillary Clinton ordered Syria distance from Resistance. al-Assad immediately alongside Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah signed "Treaty. Khaled Mechaal could not attend, but Hamas involved

Rosatom and Atomstroyexport, completing nuclear plant in Iran (Bushehr)
another one in Turkey launched in seven years, similar project in Syria

Russia’ to provide means to accelerate development that Westerner denied so long. Stroitransgaz and Gazprom transit of Syrian gas to Lebanon. Beirut being prevented by its Israeli neighbour from exploiting its large reserves offshore. Russia new naval base in Syria confirmed. delivery of S-300 missiles to Tehran to protect Iran from U.S. and Israeli threats, Medvedev warned the United States against a war in Iran. endorsed denuclearization, dismantling of the Israeli nuclear arsenal. Russia helping Turkey clear disputes with Greece and Armenia including Cyprus and Nagorno-Karabakh
Thus, Ankara permanently from Tel Aviv and Washington. Turkey and Armenia established
relations. Russian to build a pipeline, Samsun to Ceyhan. Ankara in the South Stream
Russia ensures Tehran-Damascus-Ankara triangle shockwave could spread to the Caucasus

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