Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Why Iran's 'Green Revolution' Failed
Attempted Bourgeois Coup

An important factor is its class character, its inability to relate or attract the masses of the lower-middle, poor and working classes. Greens come from the better-off and better-educated circles of the Iranian society. Mousavi talks about the need to expand the ranks beyond the middle and upper-middle classes.

After thirty one years of continuous revolution, the Iranian people are very astute. They recognized the market-friendly, neoliberal nature of Mousavi’s agenda when he characterized spending on basic social needs as “handouts,” as “squandering” resources on gedaparvari (nurturing or promoting poverty/laziness).

Ahmadinejad is standing on firm ground. He withstood relentless destabilization plots. his government is more confident despite demonization by the forces of global domination, relentless pressures of sanctions, sabotage and psychological warfare

May 2010, IMF reports inflation in 2010 will fall to 8.5 percent for the first time
foreign exchange reserves “will increase $5 billion and reach 88.5 in 2010 in contrast with the depleted reserves and huge debts around the world.

He has extending transportation, communication and electrification networks to the countryside; providing free education and healthcare services for the needy; and reducing poverty and inequality.

Iran-Brazil-Turkey agreement on nuclear fuel exchange has proven Iran’s willingness to reduce international tensions. shown the U.S. and its allies as utterly unreasonable

U.S. opposition to international calls to hold Israel accountable for atrocities
gainst the Gaza aid flotilla has further exposed attitude and unilateral foreign policies of the United States. It has shown the U.S. as an international bully, given legitimacy to Iran’s arguments against the bully.

Iran is the only country that determines its own policies independently of foreign powers. other countries are envious

Ahmadinejad is the only one to have improved since his June 2009 reelection. Mousavi, Rafsanjani, Karroubi and Khatami have declined

“green movement” is in confusion and disintegration. government suppression is a factor. But there are more important reasons lie elsewhere.

they ran a dishonest presidential campaign. They refused to submit to the will of the majority when it was clear that he had lost. The campaign was more akin to a coup attempt which was modeled after the color-coded revolutions in Soviet republics, used election contexts as opportunities for destabilization and regime change

Mousavi declared victory before the polls were closed. He claimed the election was stolen the moment he learned that he lost. many believing he had evidence

But as it turned out that the news of “stolen election” was false, most felt cheated and abandon

Professor Mohammad Marandi of Tehran points out:

“Mousav accepted Western funded Farsi media and Western based opposition. people are very angry with Green. through financial support and other forms of support Western governments.

Evidence refuting his claim of stolen election, however, is overwhelming.

run a dishonest campaign, blamed Iran’s economic challenges and diplomatic relations on Ahmadinejad, overlooking pressures inflicted by US imperialism that started with 1979 revolution. they sought “accommodation with the United States and its allies in the hope of economic stability.

With vague utterances about individual liberty and human rights did not include the right to basic human needs such as food and shelter, or the right to affordable healthcare and public education.

disingenuous promises which resemble color-coded revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine

The 'Greens' disrespected the people’s votes, fabricated a huge lie that the election was stolen, and resorted to violent means in pursuit of regime change.

They remained relatively aloof from the Iranian grassroots, sought and accepted support from dubious political forces abroad, and blamed President Ahmadinejad for the imperialist-Zionist pressures on Iran.

The Greens have lost the credibility needed to play a positive role

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