Friday, June 18, 2010

General Frank Kitson: Trail Blazing Fake Terrorism

General Frank Kitson, “who first thought up the concept that was later used in the formation of Al Qaeda. He called it the ‘pseudo gang’—a state sponsored group used to advance an agenda, while discrediting the real opposition

used in Kenya and Northern Ireland. most of the violence attributed to ‘Loyalists was the result of British secret state death squads

in Malaya (against the Malayan Peoples Anti British army led by the Communist leader Chin Peng) and Kenya (against the Mau Mau) and also General Edward Geary Lansdale’s use of psychological warfare in the Philippines and Vietnam.

Rhodesians “pseudo gang” used to bomb churches and blame on “communist atheists” or Patriotic Front guerrillas fighting for national determination.

writes Stan Winer, South Africa staged “black-on-black”. death-squad commander admitted clandestine attacks on white people, to provoke a right-wing backlash.”

this sort of “backlash” fake terror to provoke against Muslims and Arabs, as per the neocon

the “clash of civilizations” crew of the Straussian-Machiavellian stripe) currently in control of the Anglo-American globalist empire desire to preserve and expand and a faux schism or conflict between western and eastern civilization fits the ticket

Kitson simply paved the way. covert tricks under the guise of Islamic terrorism. Islam is a near perfect manufactured enemy

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