Monday, June 07, 2010

Kyrgyzstan: The training center in Batken is established to respond to Uzbek military threat

«US Assists Kyrgyzstan in Constructing Anti-Terrorist Center in Batken»

headline from Eurasia Daily Monitor, the Jamestown Foundation daily network, motivated by "Uzbek threat". It is not the Americans who want to reach the Ferghana Valley, but Bishkek who asks to strengthen southern borders.

The training center in the Ferghana Valley, the Batken Oblast. this news continues to produce many questions. Eurasia Daily Monitor decided to clarification.

March 10 Petraeus and Bakiyev said the security challenges stem from Afghanistan. However some key military leaders see aggression emerging from Uzbekistan"

Kyrgyz view, Tashkent is developing its military forces and pose a threat to Kyrgyzstan’s water resource and protecting Uzbek living in Osh and Batken

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