Wednesday, June 23, 2010


it's “prop-agenda.”, the control of what we think about. social control is more covert. we generally don't notice or laugh at the notion it even exists.

When our governments want to sell, by making sure it's the only thing on the agenda. They pre-load the discussion with selected images, devious and prejudicial language, dubious linkages, weak or false “intelligence” and selected “leaks”.

strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum - even encourage the more critical and dissident views

Create the sense of free thinking but all the while the system are being reinforced by the limits.

The people are allowed to speak out, but control that voice, control what people think.


The educated people read more and thus receive more propaganda. they have jobs in management, media, and academia and work as agents of the propaganda system. they're part of the privileged elite. They share the perceptions.

media are private, formal censorship is absent. The media periodically attack and expose corporate and government malfeasance. But left undiscussed huge inequality of the command of resources, and its effect both on access to a private media.

Journalists are an integral part of the ruling ideology. They are so well integrated' that they can't see. 'Truth' is their version of the world. if they defended positions contrary to the official narrative, someone else would soon be writing.

passionate debates in the main media stay within the bounds of commonly accepted, implicit rules, which sideline a large number of contrary views. We do not notice the line any more than we notice the air we breathe.

Germany in the early 1930s suffered a complete reversal by using fear of everyone who
threatening the core values. German media inundated the population using marketing techniques developed by US.

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