Saturday, June 19, 2010



is only a euphemistic expression for the economic expansionism of the U.S. and its capitalistic western allies

“human rights”

Even the rhetorical call for the defense of supposed “human rights”, or similar democratic values highlights the colonialist bias of the U.S. on the mass media and culture, without any consideration for other ways of life

“International Community”

The expression “International Community” does not mean anything in geopolitical terms. It is not a real entity. speaking in generic terms of an International Community actually means to mis-describe the real powers currently acting at global and local scales.

The real players in the Afghan theatre are in three categories: external players; local players; players who could potentially become involved in the Afghan context.

External players: US and NATO-ISAF (except Turkey
Local players: bordering countries, the tribes, the insurgents, the Taliban, government of Karzai

third category: CSTO, SCO, organisations with border control and drug trafficking expertise, EURASEC, ONU, UNODOC

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