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the «detail» that transformed Israel’s armed operation into a diplomatic debacle.
The Turkish Prime Minister, whom Israel hoped to destabilize, is the victor of this first contest of strength.

The aim of the Freedom Flotilla, to break the blockade. According to Israel, the people were actually « terrorists », photos of knives, etc.

This is a classic propaganda technique : while we are discussing the authenticity of the photos, they are masking international law. Secondly security embargo amounts to "collective punishment"

Israel’s goal, to "undercut the credibility of Turkey when moving closer to Syria and Iran, bring down the Erdogan government. To "claim the leadership of the Zionist movement by showing that Tel Aviv decides and Washington complies

The respective strategies, ninth convoy supported by Ankara to demonstrate the illegality of the blockade.

Ankara saw three scenarios and the third was the best

- 3. Israel sabotages the convoy or boards it for inspection. In this case, Ankara internationalises the incident and seizes the opportunity to challenge the continuation of the blockade. Politically speaking, this is the best scenario.

The Israeli government believed it had another option: to show to the Turkish Army Chiefs of Staff that if the civilian government came to the aid of the Palestinians, Tel Aviv could in turn instigate the Kurdish separatists; and prove once again that, with the backing of the United States, Israel is above international law. In short, the Netanyahu government considered it possible to pressure the Turkish military to organise a fifth coup d’état.

Netanyahu-Barak duo sponsored Kurdish mercenaries to launch a terrorist attack against the naval military base of Iskenderun in southern Turkey. It was carried out on 31 May shortly after midnight. Rockets were fired during the changing of the guard, killing 7 soldiers [5].

Moreover, the Israeli government made sure it had Washington’s endorsement

Israel’s idea was to seize the goods and forward them to Gaza to show its good faith, while arresting the activists and accuse them of having ties with the "jihadists" in order to compromise the democratic-Muslim government of the AKP (Justice and Development Party).

The order was given once the attack against the Iskenderun naval base was over.

Israel was amply covered by United States, with France, to avert any binding decision by the Security Council.

Council was divided on legal point which revealed impotence for elucidation of
facts: investigation [possibly by Israel] conforming to international standards
Territorial confusion.

Israeli squad had a list of people to be eliminated, but their plan was thwarted by the resistance. only Raed Salah of the Islamic Movement in Israel, was hit.

Netanyahu knew the Mavi Marmara registered in Comoros. The organizers hoisted the Turkish flag, the boat was Turkish.

This was a failure of Israeli intelligence. how could the Mossad not have known. at the time of the assault, was the Mavi Marmara Comoran or Turkish territory ?

Turkey is member of the NATO. article 5 stipulates armed attack against one an attack against them all. before the Atlantic Council meeting, Turkish Justice proceeded with a crackdown to arrest people who were plotting and belonged to the Ergenekon, which is the local version of Gladio or the secret services of NATO.

supporters of the AKP in the media have been popularizing the way of Erdogan.

NATO intelligence services organised four consecutive coups d’Etat in their country. Anglo-Saxons play a double game; officially allied to Ankara but stoking the Kurdish, Armenian and Cyprus problems with a view to destabilizing Turkey.

behind closed doors, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen pronounced a one-sentence declaration : "I request the immediate release of the detained civilians and ships held by Israel". no one ever considered that NATO would coerce Israel, but
in order to preserve the Alliance, it was paramount for the United States to arrive at an amicable resolution of the conflict. Exactly 24 hours after Rasmussen statement, Israeli release of all foreign prisoners.

unexpected problem. The Atlantic Alliance, no member has ever dared to question this set up of the status quo. Turkey has just used the North Atlantic Treaty to force the hand of the United States.

The Erdoğan-Peres tête-à-tête continues, Israeli commando squads were shouting " One minute! ", "One minute! ", mocking Erdogan at the 2009 Davos Economic Forum.

This verbal affront incensed Turkish public opinion. Turkish Parliament adopted a very aggressive resolution, urging the Government to «reconsider relations with Israel. The Ministry of Justice has constituted a working group to examine all legal recourses. An investigation has been opened by the Prosecutor’s office and it could swiftly indict Benjanmin Netanyahu.

Asserting the leadership of the Zionist movement, the Israelis were initially proud of their operation. The first call was to President Obama explaining that they were unable to honour his invitation. The second conversation was Netanyahu putting Obama before a fait accompli. The United States authorized the inspection but not the slaughter. The third conversation was how the Security Council meeting should be torpedoed. Israeli imposed their road map.

But the tone changes referring the matter to the Atlantic Council. Hillary has to confront her Turkish counterpart and looks for a scapegoat. Ehud Barack refuses to go along, he not dissociate and stood up for the soldiers

Israelis were obliged to release the prisonersfinally the solution was imposed on them. There is a proble from the killing of Furkan Dogan, whose family may sue in a U.S. court.

Initial conclusions, the Israeli government failed to reach its two objectives.
Turkey is strengthened, reinforcing triangle with her Syrian and Iranian
new cards. Turkish Justice will judge in absentia the Israeli Ministers and generals
fact-finding mission set up by the UN Commission on Human Rights will tarnish Israel’s image even further.

Turkey is ready to play a second game. Erdogan to personally break the blockade with a fleet chartered by humanitarian associations politically supported by Iran, Syria and Venezuela.

Nasrallah, Hezbollah Secretary called on all the Lebanese to take part. operation would be escorted by the Turkish navy, a member of NATO. alarmed Washington is trying to convince Tel Aviv to lift the blockade. Turkey with prestige acquired. It spotlights collaboration with Israel of Hosni Moubarak, actively to prevent contact between Hamas and Egyptian Moslem Brothers, and no qualms about steel wall. As a result, Alexandria is on the brink of an uprising. To release the tension, Egypt has open the border temporarily

Turkey has probably secured its rear. received guarantees from Russia. The sudden announcement of Vladimir Putin in Ankara, on 8 June. he will meet Ahmadinejad and
Bashar al-Assad. Israeli will most probably not turn up as he is at the mercy of the Istanbul-Bakırköy Prosecutor.

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