Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Shift Realized: The Banking Crisis as the First Postmodern Event

the global financial crisis as a 'world historical moment

the first global event that is wholly and uniformly a postmodern crisis

it is ultimately perfectly predicted and consummated in the
  • ontological works of Lyotard (The Postmodern Condition),
  • the global theories of Baudrillard (The Precession of Simulcra) and
  • the mind–politics of Foucault (Discipline and Punish)
with the global capitalistic system in greater flux theoretically than ever before we are glimpsing the ultimate death of the last Grand Narrative in modern history. After
  • the death of God (Nietzsche),
  • the death of dialectic (Fukuyama, Zizek, Baudrillard),
  • and now with the possibility of the death of late capitalism
we find ourselves at another cultural cross–roads, one that can only find refuge in simulation.

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