Friday, June 25, 2010


Strategic stability and Strategic Anarchy

all anti american forces, have a grand strategic opporrtunity to humble USA at a nominal cost in the entire region bettween Casaablanca to Dakhalin. american interests and Amercicna installations are located in such a widespread area that USA a with its entire might cannot defend all of its many assets at all times.

Final phase: a periof of exploitation of USA's exhaustion by other major players like Russia, China, EU. The USA may be unable to initiate a policy of disengagement. The USA is in position of a man holding a wolf by the ears. It may be difficult to kill this wolf, but it is fatal to leave it. all that the anti US forces, open or covert need to do it is to assist the owlf, create new breeding areas for the wolves.

The stakes are high, the battle field vaster than any other battlefield in human history and the shades too many for the strategists eye to perceive or comprehend. The present third world war which started with 09/11 has no cenbter of gravity, no fixed battle lines, it is hundred dimensional, no rules, no morality, no boudaries aqnd no tangible end in sight. One thing is clear. USA' cheap sonsumerists society has a great deal of military muscle but a pathetic strategic vidsion. We salute the new age of Strategic anarchy.


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