Friday, June 25, 2010

US Strategy of Dual Central Position (by A. H. Amin) - Media Monitors Network

US Strategy of Dual Central Position (by A. H. Amin) - Media Monitors Network

“Dual central positions”

Afghanistan provides multiple strategic objectives
threaten both Russia and China
threaten both Pakistan and Iran
entire Central Asian Region
future Islamic Insurgency in Chinese Singkiang
independent Kashmir
Pakistani and Iranian Baluchistan

aerial strikes against Pakistan, Afghanistan combined with Baluchistan would create a US line of communication from Chah Bahar and Gwadar to Central Asia which would create a new base to launch deep strategic forays in Russia and China cutting off both from natural oil and gas reserves of Central Asia

severing the Russian line of communication with Oil and Gas rich Siberia

China and Russia (should) start aiding Afghan insurgents

Iraq is second central position.
Syria, Lebanon , Iran
Saudi Arabia in case a radical anti monarchist coup threatens
Turkey in case the Islamists gain greater strength
fix iran by Kurdish insurgency
Discipline Turkey by Kurd separatism
Dominate Middle East Oil ensuring strategic control on worlds economy

but all may not be at USA’s feet in case Syria remains defiant Iran assists Iraqi Shiites, Arab masses decide to remove the shackles

Dual Central Positions has germs of defeat. USA strategic objectives for which it has occupied Afghanistan
“ Final Solution of Pakistan’s WMD capability”
“ Domination of Central Asia and Western Iran”

Pakistan, not Iraq, is the centre of gravity of Islamic military resurgence

Afghanistan is where Islamist forces based in Pakistan train. Afghanistan is not a US objective but a staging area to deal with a strategic objective (s) i.e. Pakistan ,Iran ,Central Asia , China , Russia etc

Pakistan has to be neutralised
because it posseses WMD
and stands in between Chinese Singkiang and USA

Iran has to be neutralised
is a base of anti US/Israeli low intensity warrior groups

Afghanistan can prove dangerous for the USA. It is here that mother nature challenges US technology. no deserts where airpower can strike at will, no big urban targets like Baghdad capture of which can lead to the collapse of the whole house, no docile vassal states like Kuwait and Jordan.

One side is tribal area, One side is Iran, north is Russian Army

Therefore, more of a liability than a blessing. Any serious US move which threatens the strategic balance may bring China and Russia actively. Iraq security depends on Arab masses.

Low Intensity War i.e. War in the Shadows is far more complex than winning the Second World War with industrial might. There are no Hiroshima’s or Nagasakis in this region. The area is vast. More vast than air power capability, More rugged than Vietnam, More diverse, but races which inhabit it cannot be wiped out like Apaches,Sioux

This war for Mackinder’s Heartland will be fought in all parts of the world including all major US and European cities

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