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Welcoming the Taliban with Open Arms: Defectors and Deception in Afghanistan

Global Research, February 1, 2010

This week, the U.S.G initiated a program welcoming low and mid-level Taliban defectors. After an eight-year “dirty war” against the Taliban, the USG are
acknowledging their “insurgent” enemy is actually part of the “fabric” of Afghan society

They are offering bribes to defect. Defectors programs are an essential part of
U.S. pacification policy. In Vietnam, Chieu Hoi “Open Arms”, for example. Vietnam War offered “clemency to insurgents.” this too is propaganda, Defector “amnesty” or “clemency” or “open arms” programs, CIA intelligence op.

information management – language – is the essence of political warfare

The first step is concocting a slogan that appeals, “amnesty” or “clemency” or “open arms.” by appealing to American sensibilities.

the first step in creating deniability for the CIA. the CIA creates deniability by planting distorted articles in foreign and domestic newspapers. also by use of "official" communiqués that originate from within the Karzai government.

Next, the CIA conducts covert action under cover of Civic Action programs advertised as fostering freedom, patriotism, brotherhood, democracy.

this manipulation of language is called “black propaganda” and is the job of political and psychological (PP) warfare officers in the covert action branch. “PP” officers played role in packaging the Phoenix Program for sale to the American public as a program designed "to protect the people from terrorism.""

Intelligence Potential. After deniability, launch a covert action program but only if it has “intelligence poten­tial, on an enemy's political, military, and economic infrastructure.

defectors sap the enemy's fighting strength and morale, provide an accurate and timely source of intelligence, serve as guides and trackers after they are returned.

Others defectors are turned into double agents. They return to their former positions and are provided means of contacting their CIA case officer. They can then feed information leading to the arrest or...

Defector programs also provide CIA “talent scouts” with cover for recruiting criminals, Burglars, arsonists, forgers, and smugglers have unique skills and no compunctions for conducting interrogations

In Vietnam, the entire Fifty-second Ranger Battalion was recruited from Saigon prisons.

With Obama’s surge providing cover for the CIA covert actions, CIA moving to the forefront of this “intelligence” surge. That is why the Taliban defector buyout program is being launched now.

what makes such an intelligence operation “covert”? the CIA's ability to deny its involvement in the defector buyout program to the American public.

A Case Study

Under cover of Civic Action, the CIA is waging a plausibly deniable dirty war against the Taliban using black propaganda, defectors, criminals, selective terror, indefinite detention and a slew of other devious tactics disguised as bringing freedom and democracy, but in fact designed to provide internal security for the puppet Karzai regime.

The CIA perfected this practice in Vietnam, where it waged clandestine political and psychological warfare with the U.S. Information Service (USIS). the USIS had as its raison d'être promotion of the "Amer­ican way." the USIS employed all manner of “media,” from TVs, radios, and satellites to armed propaganda teams, wanted posters, and terrorism.

Frank Scotton, a CIA officer masquerading as an USIS officer, received a government graduate assistantship to the East-West Cen­ter at the University of Hawaii.

CIA-sponsored East-West Center, it was cover for a training program in which Southeast Asians were brought to Hawaii and trained to go back to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos to create agent nets."

the USIS, which "dealt with people," unlike the State Dpt. which "ob­served from a distance

arriving in Vietnam in 1961, initiating his vast agent net, Scotton turned
to “energizing" the Vietnamese through political action that advanced American policies.

Scotton turned to the CIA's defector program, which in April 1963 was placed under cover of the Agency for International Development and named the Chieu Hoi (Open Arms) amnesty program.

There Scotton prove the viability of CIA political action and psywar programs worked with Vietnamese Special Forces Captain Nguyen Tuy, a graduate of Fort Bragg's Special Warfare Center who commanded the Fourth Special Operations De­tachment,

sent to the CIA station in Kabul, translations are never considered accurate unless
confirmed in the original language by the same person, but that rarely happens, interrogations conducted through defectors are rarely considered reliable, defector program will likely be exploited by Taliban secret agents, just as the Chieu Hoi program was penetrated in Vietnam. “It was the biggest hole in the net.

“the revolving door syndrome,” CIA is turning to the Taliban buyout program Obama’s surge will produce thousands of more detainees and prisoners. The CIA was plagued by overcrowding, little space for actual "Communist offenders. more people were captured
large percentage, squeezed out of the revolving door

Defectors and the Phoenix Program

June 1967, CIA’s Chieu Hoi was incorporated within the new Phoenix Program. Chieu Hoi as "one of the few areas where police and paramilitary advisers cooperated."

Phoenix, to coordinate all intelligence programs. CIA could identify and neutralize Viet Cong

“My motto was to recruit them; if you can't recruit them, defect them (that's Chieu Hoi); if you can't defect them, capture them; if you can't capture them, kill them."

Brickham also emphasized that Chieu Hoi was a means for the CIA to develop “unilateral penetrations unknown to the [South Vietnamese] police."

In other words, the Taliban defector buyout program will be conducted unilaterally by the CIA, apart from the Karzai government.

by 1969 more than a hundred thousand defectors had been processed through 51 Chieu Hoi centers

But many Chieu Hoi defectors simply re­gurgitated the American line in order to win amnesty, make a quick visit to their families, enjoy a few home-cooked meals, and then return to the war for independence, fat and rested.

Legitimate Chieu Hoi defectors were pariahs who were not accepted back in their villages.

Political and Psychological Warfare

The same lesson applies in Afghanistan. The U.S. has no legitimate reason to be there, and thus it must rely on psychological ploys, rather than any appeal to nationalism, to win the Afghanis over to the American Way of doing things.
the U.S. is instituting a defector program, with a publicity campaign managed in the field by psyops teams replete with radios, leaflets, posters, banners, TV shows, movies, comic books falling from planes, and loudspeakers mounted on trucks to spread the word.

This is how defectors will be created in Afghanistan as well. Psyops leaflets aimed at creating defectors will portray the Taliban as a socially disruptive force that can only be stopped by America.

And while the CIA relies on cartoons to sell itself, the Taliban go from person to person, proving that technology was no substitute for human contact. Ultimately the U.S. was defeated in Vietnam for just this reason.

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