Tuesday, July 13, 2010


He may be the Decider but his handlers have long known how to manipulate him.
Bush’s Presidency began in the shadow of a contested and likely stolen election and promised to be unsuccessful in a largely forgettable and unremarkable way. 911 changed all that and transformed a plodding, and essentially AWOL one termer into an accidental hero
he was the perfect mark for every conniver, bumbler, bungler, hack, hanger on, and would be crony that Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and their friends could find. In the normal course of things, this would have spelled failure. Post-911, it was catastrophic.
At this critical juncture in our history we needed an adult but got an adolescent. Instead of responsibility, we got a truant. In place of flexibility we got obduracy. In the face of great and complex challenges, we got strawmen, a black and white universe, my way or the highway, regurgitated stump speeches, and a steadfast refusal to compromise not just with opponents but with reality.

1. Patient neglect at Walter Reed Army Hospital

2. US Attorney firings

3. Libby/Plame Affair (Outing a CIA agent)

4. Iraq war

5. Afghanistan (leaving before the job was done)

6. Iran saber rattling

7. North Korea (mishandling nuclear issue)

8. The War on Terror (failure to capture Osama bin Laden, dubious allies)

9. Civilian contractors in Iraq (poor service for big bucks)

10. Military Commissions Act (torture, kangaroo courts, indefinite detention, and loss of habeas corpus)

11. Hurricane Katrina and the drowning of New Orleans

12. NSA warrantless wiretapping

13. SWIFT (international money transfers)

14. Black sites and rendition

15. Department of Homeland Security (a massive boondoggle)

16. K Street lobbyists (for government you can buy)

17. Dusty Foggo (No. 3 at the CIA)

18. Duke Cunningham (a corrupt politician)

19. Tom Delay (another corrupt politician)

20. Mark Foley and the House pages

21. Cheney Energy Task Force (and hiding info about it)

22. Tax cuts for the richest of the rich

23. Global warming (denial and stalling)

24. Terri Schiavo and the attempted trashing of family privacy rights

25. Budget deficits and a greatly increased national debt

26. Stacking of the Supreme Court (Roberts and Alito)

27. Medicare( lack of long term solvency)

28. Medicare Part D (Drug prescriptions)

29. Healthcare general mess

30. Doug Feith (stovepiping Iraq intel)

31. 2000 election (stolen)

32. 2004 election (rigging)

33. 9/11 Commission limitation and manipulation of

34. 9/11 Commission’s recommendations delayed implementation

35. Marginalization of the UN

36. Preventive war doctrine

37. Loss of US prestige

38. Inaction on Israeli-Palestinian peace process

39. Lack of spending on basic research

40. Alberto Gonzales

41. FDA restricting the mission

42. EPA restricting the mission

43. Porter Goss trashing the CIA

44. Militarization of intelligence

45. Rampant cronyism

46. Signing statements

47. Unilateral Executive

48. Abuse of the National Guard

376. Policing the national political conventions

377. Gonzales’ mishandling of national security document

378. KBR and forced labor in Iraq

379. The GSA opposes 9/11 safety changes in building construction

380. Republican US Attorney downplays Obama assassination plot

381. Labor Department pulls rug out from under corporate whistleblowers

382. More corruption in the government’s oil leasing programs

383. Active duty Army unit to be deployed for domestic operations

384. Datamining: Intrusive and it doesn’t work

385. Corruption in the missile defense program

386. Failure to outfit planes to fight fires in Southern California

387. Political censorship at PBS

388. Religious profiling at the DHS

389. A political hit: Michael Garcia and Eliot Spitzer

390. Voter suppression efforts in the 2008 elections

391. The Bureau of Land Management and shady deals in Utah again

392. BP receives a slap on the wrist from Justice Department

393. Oh, and another Bureau of Land Management shady deal in the West

394. Transportation Department relaxes rules on truckdriving safety

395. Lax oversight at the Office of Thrift Supervision contributed to bank failures

396. Wrongdoing in the Air Marshal Service

397. Government OK’s dumping mining debris in and near streams

398. Managing the Obama transition, the NASA example

399. The cockamamie FBI investigation of the Madrid train bombings and Brandon Mayfield

400. An absent President

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