Sunday, July 04, 2010


Antonio Gramsci was a rather famous Italian Marxist( insert bogus liberal yaaawwwwwnnnns here) who bequeathed to revolutionaries the idea of winning power through the patient build up of ideological hegemony. My task this morning is NOT to dissect Gramcian ideological musings, but rather share with you PRACTICAL examples where these ideas have been applied.

Guess who is the new Premier of South Africa's North West Province? And why is the South African Communist Party praising the provincial government of Mpumalanga?

Check out this statement on Cooperatives and the Financial Sector from Blade Nzimande, the General Secretary of the South African Communists and this document about setting up a party school in Kwa Zulu Natal. Drink in some more red analytical wine from Madiba country please before you chew in the deeper significance of the ANC/ SACP/COSATU 2004 electoral victory at both NATIONAL and PROVINCIAL levels

Do you know WHERE Kerala state is?

Well I will show you. Look below:

Yes it is in India.

This is its government Kerala has the DISTINCTION of providing the world with what many consider to be its FIRST DEMOCRATICALLY elected Communist government and even today, Kerala is considered India's most LEFT WING STATE and it is not for NOTHING that socialists and communists have been elected and reelected in this progressive Indian state as you can see from this article on how Kerala's development record compares to the rest of India. Here is more information about Indian Communists that you can use comfortably in Isiolo, Nanyuki or Runyenjes. Did you know that Communists have ruled

ANOTHER Indian state,

West Bengal, WITHOUT INTERRUPTION from 1977? In fact some people argue that it is NOT Lenin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh or Castro who is the MOST SUCCESSFUL Communist leader in history, but

this person

I could cite examples of how Communists have controlled municipal governments in various Italian cities, or point out that the mayor of

London is not exactly a conservative but I think you have grasped the point I am trying to put across.

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