Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Judgment! 1/3 - The Bosnian 'Death Camp' Accusation: An Expose

Staring in 1991, this nation unified since 1918 was torn apart by ferocious wars of secession, this film was shot in Bosnia Herzegovina in 1992, during the previous five months Islamic fundamentalist secessionist had started a rebellion. They were supported by the US and German governments who coveted the economic and strategic Balkans. Secession was opposed by loyalist Yugoslavs from all ethnic groups. Powerful western groups wanted to intervene, but they couldn't just start bombing. They needed favorable public opinion. They needed the work of the mass media. The media claimed that the loyalists Serbs were motivated by the hatred of Muslims. In fact, the Serbs were not motivated by hatred at all. They wanted to hold Yugoslavia together and they didn’t want to be ruled by an Islamic fundamentalist faction. Many if not most Muslims agreed, they too, were loyal to Yugoslavia. The western media labeled the

Loyalist Serbs = the new Nazi’s, the media called the
Loyalist Muslims = rebels, but the media called the
Islamic Fundamentalist = moderate democrats.

ITN, the British news station, was the first to mass distribute images to support demonisation of the loyalist Serbs and Muslims. Those images came from film that ITN shot in two locations. At a detention center for POW, and at a refugee center for in Bosnia Herzegovina. By chance, a crew from Serbian television, RPF, was filming at the same locations that day. We filmed the same things they filmed and sometimes we filmed them too. The Serbian producers of this film were part of that RPF film crew. The US production work was done by the website, Emperors Clothes.com.

We will show you what ITN left out and how ITN doctored raw images to pictures that fooled the world.


Nebojsa Malic, Antiwar Blog

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