Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Tea Party theocracy and other observations about the religious right

An interview by Bill Harnsberger, a Daily Kos front page diarist, with Bruce Wilson of Talk To Action, a "platform for reporting on...the religious right." Some highlights:

On Christian Zionism:

[T]here's a Christian Zionist/Likud political symbiosis going back to the late 1970's, and John Hagee and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are close allies.

Hagee also demonizes Jews to a remarkably vicious degree. [Link.]

On Sarah Palin:

Palin's long-time personal prayer leader, Mary Glazier, tells evangelical leadersthat Sarah Palin joined her prayer group in '89,

Glazier then advocatescleansing "the land" of unbelievers

On the religious right's quickly changing nature:

Lou Engle...has become the de-facto prayer leader for the Republican Party. It's targeting entire states for political takeover (Hawaii, for example

On the religious right's influence in the US military:

Spend some time browsing the extensive media archives from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation

On the Tea Party movement and the religious right:

Ron Paul was staging 'Tea Party' events across America back in 2007,

He's good friends with Constitution Party Founder Howard Phillips, a leading Christian Reconstructionist

On the growing influence of the religious right within the Republican Party:

state Republican parties - link -].

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