Saturday, July 10, 2010


Turkestan Islamic Party, TIP. Chinese Uighur of Xinjiang. Chinese officials
say ethnic Uighurs trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan by Al Qaeda are aiming to destabilize Xinjiang.

The origins of TIP, based in Waziristan, are murky. The East Turkestan Islamic Movement, ETIM. Rebiya Kadeer, a Uighur businesswoman living in the US.

Turkestan Islamic Party is the same group as East Turkestan Islamic Party, ETIP. They removed the “East”. group’s founder, Hasan Mahsum was killed by Pakistani army in 2003.

in 2008, TIP released a video where a masked Commander Seyfullah was identified

Apr 2009, the US designated Abdul Haq as leader of TIP. The UN made a similar pronouncement. Abdul Haq, also known as Maimaitiming Maimaiti, succeeded Hasan Masum in 2003.

In January 2010, a Predator killed 15 TIP in Waziristan. Some said Abdul Haq was among those killed. There has been an uptick in Qaeda urging Muslims to attack China
2009, Abu Yahya al-Libi, a leading Qaeda figure stated: Chinese forces had massacred Uighurs and would crumble

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