Saturday, November 20, 2010

Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed

These files are from a sealed Senate investigations senate which includes Foreign Relations Committee and the US Dep’t of Justice

Israel spent36 million dollars to plant stories in the us media, To promote Israeli foreign policy objectives in the US. One objective was to divert from Dimona and track result

Using outlets the Atlantic Monthly magazine to disrupt US peace proposals allowing Palestinian to return to their land

US media fell into line. The Senate Investigation was a failure, heavily censored senate transcript and then put all of the extremely damning files into sealed records.

One result was that Israeli Ops had to register as foreign so they Simply transferred the ops into AIPAC

The Atlantic is on the forefront of a drive to get us to attack Iran nuclear sights.

Important to see the influence and the mechanics, it has only gotten worse.

There is a heavy influence on the part of Israeli politicians that work tightly with Israel without disclosing those relationships

They have successfully built a campaign financing system within the United States that is extremely successful at pushing Israeli objectives by withholding or dispersing campaign funds to us politicians a high degree of control is in place but for the average American it is almost completely hidden

Institute for research Middle Eastern policy Grant F Smith

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