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Islamic arch is the strategic centre of gravity

China’s economic development is freeing the countries of the South

The world balance of power is being completely overturned. And the Indian Ocean region finds itself at the heart of the geopolitical storm.
60% of the world's population
70% of the world's oil is shipped through this Ocean

For centuries the West has been looting, But China is offering higher prices for raw materials and is investing in the countries of the South. China has at the same time abolished import taxes on numerous African products. China has also written off the debts of the poorest African countries. China does not interfere in the internal policies. while western powers which never cease creating and bringing down African governments!

western capitalist countries are going through a severe economic crisis while China
continuing with a healthy rate of economic growth. Brazil continued to grow

south-south axis poses two major threats to the imperialist powers,

removing countries that are rich in raw materials from the western sphere of influence
allowing China to access to all the resources it needs to pursue its stellar growth

Washington is therefore seeking to contain the emergence of China and the control of the Indian Ocean lies at the heart of its strategy.

Somalia is the historic Islamic heart of East Africa. They took Sunni Islam all the way to Mozambique.

Before the Suez Canal was opened in 1869, Ottomans, Persians Moghuls and China dominated. This enabled Islam to expand even to China and East Africa. The Indian Ocean came to be largely dominated by Muslim powers.

But a major event, Sepoy revolt in 1857 began the process of European domination
Karl Marx analysed thusly, "Their methods are barbaric, but we should ask ourselves who led them to display such barbarity – it was the British colonialists installed in India". something similar, 11 September. nobody asks what are the factors that have given rise to this kind of terrorism.

sepoy rebellion had two important consequences ; firstly,
management passed officially to the administration of the British government. And
Great Britain deposed the last Islamic ruler of India, the Moghul emperor, Mohammed Bahadur Shah. He was exiled to Burma where he lived out the end of his life.

11 years after the sepoy revolt, the Suez Canal was opened. It was an important factor in facilitating European domination of that ocean. France seized Djibouti. Britain seized first Egypt and then Bahrain. Empire of the Sultanate of Oman was the last great Arabic power active in the Indian Ocean. Europeans mounted a propaganda campaign around the fact that Omanis were exploiting Africans as slaves. Under the pretext of fighting slavery, Europe mobilised and overthrew the Sultanate of Oman

Pentagon is well embedded, base in Okinawa, accords with the Philippines under pretext of fighting terrorism, Indonesian army, base on Diego Garcia

China has two Achilles heels: the straits of Hormuz and of Malacca. The US could block the Straits of Malacca.

China has developed several strategies

A gas pipeline is now linking Turkmenistan to the Chinese province of Xinjiang, 40 billion cubic metres a year, half of current Chinese consumption. also, pipeline linking China to Kazakhstan Caspian Sea.

entered into accords with Bangladesh to acquire gas and oil. an oil pipeline and a gas pipeline which will respectively supply from Myanmar. third Chinese strategy, ‘pearl necklace’. deep water port of Gwadar for traffic in container ships
build others, in Africa in particular. to China from Latin America. these container ships would rather travel via Africa in their journeys between Latin America and Asia
Mozambique, Somalia, South Africa or Madagascar could join this Indian Ocean network.

This will cause a major economic boom in this part of Africa. Marseilles or Antwerp would decline. South-South axis is being established. The world is being turned upside down.

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Until the 19th century, China was a great power.
Viceroy Lin Zexu ordered the destruction of 1838 chests full of opium that Great Britain had been importing illegally
first Opium War
Beaten, the Chinese were forced to open
imperialist powers
demanded legalisation of opium sales
Great Britain and France unleashed the “Second opium war” (1856-1860)
sale of opium was legalised and Great Britain and the US devoted themselves to it at great profit to themselves
caused the death of over 100 million Chinese people
1949 and the revolution led by Mao that China re-established itself
Deng Xiaoping
under Mao
7 and 10 percent every year
China could become an entirely capitalist country, but one that is not dominated by imperialism
US will seek to prevent
become an imperialist power
Confusion exists
over Lenin’s definition of imperialism
export of capital to foreign countries
this economic domination is inseparable from a political domination
if you are an imperialist, you must

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export your capital, create a puppet
train your semi colony’s army to organise military putsches if the puppet was to disobey
imperialism rests on a two-fold domination, economic and political
China does not interfere in the politics
but on the contrary assists countries that are the victims of imperialism to free themselves
direct military confrontation with China seems improbable
Washington seems still to be mired in the Middle East
other strategies
vassal states in Africa in order to control that continent and block China’s access to raw materials.
applied after the Second World War to contain Japan’s development.
South Africa. But this strategy has failed
Every country
“collective African decision”
based in … Stuttgart
Another US strategy
use India against China
Iran and Iraq in the 1980s
the 1960s
the US
used India
against China
India was beaten
But in the Far East
Washington has failed because of its greed. South-east Asia

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started with a devaluation of the Thai currency
attack from speculators
White House
US multinationals took advantage
wipe out their Asian competitors
it was China which saved the region
decision not to devalue its currency
China allowed the countries of the region to rebuild their exports
Malaysian prime minister declared “China
saved the region
US thought
Indian Ocean would be frightened
seek to be protected
relations based on
US has
needs energy
US is
seeking to control these resources to prevent them reaching China
major objective
in Iraq and Afghanistan
new Iraqi and Afghan government trade with China!
Chinese companies simply bought up oil concessions at auction
one option still open
maintaining chaos
extending it to countries such as Iran, Yemen or Somalia.
Second World War
intervened very late in the conflict
financed (very lucratively) both sides
to the assistance of the Allies.
Great Britain
20 million dead

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then spent all the jackpot
to fight against communism
US economy was militarised
Korea to Iraq, via Vietnam
for every dollar
60 cents goes to the army. It’s a disaster
other major industries have been destroyed,
public schools and hospitals are in a deplorable state
militarisation process has plunged the US into debt
main creditor
Thus in financing US debt, China in fact finances the war on terror
Pentagon is waging
control the energy
to contain
US has failed and
on the edge of bankruptcy
one option left
reduce its military expenditure and to utilise its budget to kickstart the economy
But imperialist logic
keeps going unto the death. The historian Paul Kennedy
great empires
slowing down
military expenditure increases
great power
US hegemony nearing its end
return to protectionism
end of globalisation
Regional economic blocs will emerge
Asia will be the strongest
two types of leader
truly European
are allying with Russia
8 years of the Bush
aggressive policies
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massive military expenditure
crushing defeats
accelerated the fall of the US
the reactionary character of US imperialism has resurfaced
Imperialism cannot be changed or adapted. It has to be overthrown
All the world’s peoples have an interest
putting an end as quickly as possible to the western hegemony that has engendered so much aggression and crime
a grand alliance to emerge
to develop themselves independently and in the interests of their people, i.e., by escaping from the imperialist powers’ looting and interference.
To put an end to the hegemony of the imperialist powers will open up great potential for the liberation of the people of the world.

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