Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Here is a rare lesson on how thoroughly "crapped out" the US media is.

I would say this is the beginning round of Gleann Greenwald being flushed out of the media and joining the ranks of people like Ralph Nader, Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Robert Sheer and a host of others. I should start keeping a list.

Members of the US propaganda system frequestly defend themselves by declaring that they can say anything they want.

There is a long list of people who cant get on the the US media at all. Glenn is in the process of joining that group.

Sorry. I cant let this Greenwald video go (see below). It is one of the best in years and it is really making the rounds on the internet. This Greenwald/CNN video is almost a pure Chomsky demonstration.

Noam Chomsky wrote the manual on the US Corporate Media propaganda model/system. As Chomsky points out, the principle technique used by the corporate electronic hallucination is "hidden" or "assumed" or "subsumed" premises.

In the Greenwald/CNN video, at the 1:29 mark, Greenwald says “Well, I would contest the premise of your question”. Here, Greenwald makes a perfect Chomskyesque reaction. Greenwald spends almost the rest of the interview questioning the "hidden" premises made by the CNN newscaster, Fran Townsend.

Here is a recent video of Chomsky, himself, making this same type of demonstration in a well known interview with a newscaster from Israel Channel 2 News after the State of Israel refused to allow Chomsky to enter Palestine to speak at Bir Zeit University this past May. This interview is in two parts


It is for this reason that Chomsky is no longer on the media - any media, and it is for this reason that Greenwald will soon join him on that very long list of people who are banned from the corporate media.

Since I am at it, there are a couple of other things.

There are a couple of other tricks used by the corporate media hologram. One is "no-context". For the media, history started this morning. At the fall of the Berlin Wall Francis Fukuyama declared it to be the "end of history", and that the neoliberal economic model was the sole victor. Maggie Thatcher declared that now there "is no alternative" to this rapacious, laissez faire, supply side, trickle down, Reaganism.

But now, thirty years later laissez faire lies shattered, in a world-wide trillion dollar bankruptcy and shakedown, with the trillions provided by Keynesian public money and the only result for that public bailout is inescapable debt peonage. The only countries moving successfully forward are the countries that have rejected this economic model. Too bad Chou En-lai wasn’t around to comment on Fukuyama’s and Thatcher’s inanities. Toward the end of Chou En-lai’s life a reporter ask him what he thought about the French Revolution, to which he replied, “Too soon to tell”

Another media propaganda principle is it's use of the passive voice. For the media, “things just magically happen”. There is no personal agency. Well, s@#t doesn’t just happen, somebody did it. When someone makes this point, the media starts ridiculing and proclaims that person to be a crazed conspiracy theorist. Well, allow me, you’re god-damn right it’s a conspiracy, it's a criminal conspiracy. And we’re going to get out the RICO Act, hire a New York DA like Eliot Spitzer, start naming names and start frog marching these political and corporate mafiosos off to prison. One of the great things about Wiki-leaks is that there is no passive voice.

The Wiki-leaks dump is at a very low level of intelligence classification. Can you imagine what a top secret and above top secret dump would look like. Well, I can.

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Glenn ate those two cheap shills ALIVE ALIVE-O!

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