Friday, January 28, 2011

The Planned Gutting of Industrial America: Who Did It and Why

By John Hoefle
January 1, 2001

Original title: Southern Strategy: Assault on the American Republic published in EIR January 2001

The political success of Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter's "Southern Strategy,'' transforming the White House and Congress into bastions of white Southern power, would have been impossible, without the economic transformation of the United States from the greatest industrial and scientific nation-state in history, to a post-industrial nation of white-collar accountants, real estate brokers, computer programmers, retail clerks, and hamburger-flippers.

This transformation of America, over the past 30-plus years, has been characterized by the collapse of the urban industrial and cultural centers of the North--New York, Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland, etc.--and the gradual emergence of the "New South'' as the heartland of America's post-industrial economy.

Today, Southern cities like Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, and even Charlotte, North Carolina dominate the new economy'' and house the multinational corporate and banking headquarters that preside over the deregulated looting of every last remaining income stream.

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