Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shut Down The Federal Reserve, Break Up The Big Banks And 16 Other Ideas Barack Obama Could Have Proposed If He Actually Wanted To Fix The Economy

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#1 We Must Shut Down The Federal Reserve
#2 We Must End Trade With All Nations That Allow Their Citizens To Be Paid Slave Labor Wages Or That Do Not Respect Basic Human Rights
#3 We Must Radically Reduce The Size Of The Federal Government
#4 We Must Provide Temporary Jobs For The American People During The Economic Transition
#5 We Must Ban All Short Selling
#6 We Must Ban Virtually All Derivatives
#7 We Must Break Up The Big Wall Street Banks
#8 We Must Initiate A Massive Law Enforcement Crackdown On Our Financial Markets
#9 We Must Order U.S. Oil Companies To Use Untapped Oil Reserves In The United States And We Must Aggressively Develop Alternative Energy Sources
#10 We Must Stop Paying Farmers Not To Grow Food
#11 We Must Secure The U.S. border With Mexico
#12 We Must Shut Down The IRS
#13 We Must Slash Red Tape And The Miles Of Ridiculous Regulations
#14 We Must Conduct A Massive Law Enforcement Crackdown On The Health Care Industry
#15 We Must Stop Trying To Police The World
#16 We Must Pull Out Of The United Nations And We Must Dramatically Reduce Foreign Aid
#17 We Must End All Of The Ridiculous Police State Measures Which Are Chasing Tourists Away From Our Soil
#18 We Must Seize The Assets Of The Ultra-Wealthy Individuals And International Banks That Have Been Committing Fraud Against The U.S. Government For Decades

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