Monday, February 07, 2011

Response to a Trotskyist (ISO) Criticism of Anarchism

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The ISO is in the wing of Trotskyism which rejects Trotsky’s theory that the Soviet Union under Stalin remained a “degenerated workers’ state.” Instead the ISO regarded the USSR, more-or-less correctly, as “state capitalist. socialists who did not identify socialism with state tyranny, as the Stalinists had done.

demonstrations by unemployed workers to demand jobs. His anarchist friends refused to support this because they believed that “fighting for ‘the right to work’...was to fight for the right to be exploited. Instead they advocated dropping out
too often...personal revolt becomes a substitute for social and collective struggle for a better world.”

He came to dislike the anarchists’ use of consensus, instead of majority rule consensus led to endless long meetings, acrimony, and de facto minority rule.

by no means did all anarchists abstain from struggle for purist reasons, but ‘lifestyle’ anarchism is a strong strain in the movement not opposed to being vegetarians, riding bicycles, alternate institutions, squats or coops

I do not regard this approach as a strategy for getting rid of capitalism and the state.

I advocate mass struggles by workers and oppressed people, leading ultimately to a workers’ revolution. Nor do we insist on consensus we use majority rule and democratic procedures, the trend of anarchist-communism

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