Friday, March 14, 2014

The Clique that Sold Us the Iraq War

The Clique that Sold Us the Iraq War

Almost the entire Iraq-war clique, advocated the war from 1998 on. 9/11 was only a convenient pretext. Amazingly almost all were members of just two organizations: IASPS and PNAC. Both were neoconservative, and there were many links between the two.

IASPS:  Institute for Advanced Strategic & Political Studies
  • "A Jerusalem-based think tank with an office in Washington, D.C."
  • Began promoting the Iraq war in 1996 by lobbying the Israeli government.
  • Richard Perle (later Rumsfeld's Chairman of Defense Policy Board, delivered "Clean Break" report to Israeli Prime Minister.
  • Current views (2010): Obama is the first American president who is a dictator. We should not be surprised if he proves to be the last president.
Members in the Iraq-War clique:
David Wurmser: Middle East advisor to Vice President Cheney
Douglas  Feith: Undersecretary of Defense for Policy until 2005.
Richard  Perle: First Chairman of Rumsfeld's Defense Policy Board.
Charles  Fairbanks: Former assistant to and college friend of Wolfowitz.

PNAC:  Project for New American Century
  • The main neocon lobby, it focused first on invading Iraq.
  • Founded 1997, by William Kristol & Robert Kagan.
  • First action: open letter to Clinton advocating Iraq war.
Members in the Iraq-War clique:
Cheney,  Rumsfeld,  Wolfowitz,  Feith,  Bolton,  Libby,  Abrams,  Wurmser,  Perle.

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