Monday, June 30, 2014

Vito Paulekas

An Interview with Szou Paulekas – “Vito and His Freaks” – #182

This is our last episode for year 5 of the Gnostic Media podcast.
This episode is an interview with Szou Paulekas, titled “Vito and his Freaks” and is being released on Monday, October 28, 2013. This interview with Szou was recorded Saturday, September 14, 2013.
In our continuing investigation into MKULTRA, today I interview Szou Paulekas, who was one of Vito’s Freaks on the Laurel Canyon scene and became his wife at age 18. Today she’s takes us on an inside view of her life with Vito.
“Szou was a forerunner of thrift-store fashion, and there were always plenty of falling-apart velvet dresses and forties teddies available for a pittance. Whatever she got tired of wearing, she put a price tag on. She also concocted her own creations out of doilies and tags, which cost a bit more but were the ultimate in antique chic.”
Says Pamelas book “I’m with the band”.
Vito was convicted of armed robbery in 1938, but was released in 1942 and joined the US Merchant Marines. Around 1946, he moved to Los Angeles where, by the early 1960s, he had set up home on Beverly Boulevard.
Vito and Szou are some of the founding pioneers of what became modern art and the 1960s counterculture revolution.

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I was 8 years old and living on Laurel Ave when I first began hanging out at "Vito's." He lived in a 3 story store front with his living quarters on the top floor and his studio in the basement. My girlfriends and I would go to Vito's basement studio and model clay and make mosaic pictures. Vito never charged us! He would hang out there with us helping us and being fun and funny and making sculptures or painting in his studio. He never behaved inappropriately. We loved going there and making art things. One night he had a Halloween party and let us peek from the stairs at the wild costumes. Vito and Sue wore fig leaves, I remember that. He kicked us out when he thought it was too late for us to be there. In the evenings Vito had art classes with nude models but he never allowed us to watch. Vito was a wonderful, eccentric, talented and gifted artist and nothing like some of the blogs paint him. We hung out there for years. I knew Godot and was there when Groovie was born. Godot was a prodigy on the drums. His drum set was set down in the studio and he would rock out on them. He was only 2! The accident was horrific and devastating to everyone. Vito and Sue were being interviewed for Time or Look magazine. There was a glass skylight and Godot climbed on it and it gave way-three stories down. It was a tragedy! Vito was THE pioneer of the LOVE generation and the most creative person I have ever met!