Friday, July 11, 2014

Webster Tarpley on the American System

by Scott Creighton
Tarpley aptly explains to Alex Jones how Ron Paul’s Austrian libertarianism is nothing more than a repackaging of the neo-liberal Milton Friedman Chicago School of Economics neo-fuadalism. This is what I have been saying for years. Glad to hear Tarpley getting airtime explaining this to Jones. AJ starts off by trying to re-write history pretending that he wasn’t still pushing Ron Paul for president over the last few months when it was clear he couldn’t win. The reason he does that is because he knows and has said that the “Good Doctor” was simply locking his base into a box that was going nowhere so they wouldn’t have an effect on the election. I guess AJ doesn’t want his dwindling viewership to understand he was doing the exact same thing and that RP wouldn’t have been so successful at it if people like AJ and Kokesh weren’t working with him.
It’s a good interview at least at the beginning when Tarpley explains the history of what is called the American System of economics. An outstanding system which created the first majority middle class in human history and made the United States the envy of the rest of the industrialized world. But it also created a pure hatred in the hearts and minds of the oligarchs who knew there were massive profits to be made if only they could convince the people that the extremely efficient and effective system they had was wrong for them and accept a neo-feudal system in it’s place.
It’s hard to watch Jones these days because he is such a ridiculous tool. But, watch it for Tarpley’s explanation of the American System. It’s not “socialism” or “communism”… its ours and it works. Look around you. You have the beginnings of the libertarian/neo-liberal system developing right now. Like it? Look like fascism? There’s a reason for that. Because it IS fascism.

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