Wednesday, June 14, 2006


The Council on American
-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called on the Pentagon and Congress to investigate a music video posted on the Internet that seems to show U.S. Marines cheering a song that glorifies the killing of Iraqi civilians.

The video was up on YouTube in several places but it was taken down while I was writing this post. I should have downloaded it. It is still up on CAIR.

(The video’s audio is slightly out of synchronization.)

This is an interesting phenomonen for several reasons
  • it is a genuine cultural artifact rather than an engineered photo op or piece from the corporate media
  • it isnt necessrily a bloodthirsty peon but rather a crude reaction to a difficult situation. That's not to say--the corporate media is fond of saying 99.9. I would say it's more like 70%. The other 30% are temporarily/permanently sociopath. Bottom line, none of them ask to go.
  • after three years there is no cultural connection between the soldiers and iraqis
  • the soldiers don't understand the culture, don't speak arabic- even rudimentary- and have a "South Park" attitude.
  • are universally hated. Even in Vietnam there was the South Vietnamese government on his/her side. In Iraq there are only enemies.
  • like Vietnam, it is a guerilla war - everyone is your enemy and will strike at a moments notice from anywhere.
  • In the US Military there is always a disconnect between the military bureaucracy and the grunt but now the military and civilian bureaucracy are "pc" scared which will bring untold pressures on the grunts in an already impossible situation. Like: "The first repercussion of this is going to be that troops aren't going to be able to access youtube from the computers at the MWR tent anymore, because that's what some people in the bureaucracy see as a viable first step". And: "We are led by chickenshit cowards, I wonder if they read the lyrics of the whole song, or just the part that CAIR quoted".
  • This is an attempt to place the grunt's perspective and/or excuse on Haditha type situations
  • He has to "hit the floor" in the Burger King and in the sod hut. He has to "hit the floor" everywhere he goes.

And of course, when all else fails you can always click here to see what the author, Cpl. Joshua Belile, says it is - meant only as a joke, based on lines from “Team America: World Police” and that he apologizes to people who may have been offended by the lyrics..

**A "Hajji" is a person who has made the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, but the term has often been used as a pejorative by U.S. troops in Iraq.

**"dirka, dirka mohammed jihad" that phrase came from Trey Parker and Matt Stones puppet movie "Team America: World Police"

(The video’s audio is slightly out of synchronization.)


I was out in the sands of Iraq
And we were under attack
And I, well I didn't know where to go
Then the first thing that I could see
Was everybody's favorite Burger King
So I threw open the door and I hit the floor

THen suddenly to my surprise
I looked up and I saw her eyes
And I knew it was love at first sight
And she said 'Dirka dirka Mohammed jihad, sherpa sherpa Abaka-la
Haji girl, I can't understand what you're saying
And she said 'Dirka dirka Mohammed jihad, sherpa sherpa Abaka-la
Haji girl, I love you anyway

Then she said she wanted me to see
Wanted me to go meet her family
But I, Well I couldn't figure out how to say no
Cuz I don't speak Arabic, so

She took me down an old dirt trail
And she pulled up to a sod shanty
She threw open the door and I hit the floor
Cuz her brother and her father shouted:
'Dirka dirka Mohammed jihad, sherpa sherpa Abaka-la
They pulled out their AK's so I could see

And they said
'Dirka dirka Mohammed jihad, sherpa sherpa Abaka-la
So I grabbed her little sister
And I put her in front of me
As the bullets began to fly
The blood sprayed from between her eyes
And then I laughed maniacally

Then I hid behind the tv
And I locked and loaded my M-16
I blew those little fuckers to eternity
And I said:
'Dirka dirka Mohammed jihad, sherpa sherpa Abaka-la
They shoulda known they were fuckin' with a Marine

***I think the complete line from "Team America: World Police" might be something like this: " Bak. Derk-derk-Allah. Derka derka, Mohammed Jihad. Baka sherpa-sherpa. Abaka-la. Dirka dirka, mohammed jihad!! Ahh, dirka dirka!!!"


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