Thursday, August 31, 2006


by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

August 30, 2006

  • 90% of Iran's oil is in the province of Khuzestan
  • Iran's undeveloped Yadavaran oil field is in Khuzestan
  • China has signed a $70 billion deal with Iran which includes Yadavaran

Khuzestan is conveniently next to Iraq and would be one of the first—if not ‘the first’—strategic objectives or goals to secure if Iran where to be invaded and vital Iranian oil supplies kept on the market.

Khuzestan could find itself in a "state of autonomy" under Anglo-American protection much like Kosovo.

It is also no mere coincidence that the British government have strong ties and nurture separatist movements outside Iran declaring to represent Khuzestan.

The British Army unit, the Queen’s Royal Hussars on August 24, 2006 ‘abandoned’ their base (Abu Naji [their base]) near Amarah (Al-Amarah) the capital city of the province of Maysan.

What is noteworthy about the abandonment of the British base in Maysan is that British troops have been redeployed onto the Iranian border. The unit has also simultaneously downgraded to even lighter, more flexible, and quicker equipment by "giving up their Challenger tanks and Warrior armoured fighting vehicles in favour of stripped-down Landrovers armed with machineguns and "will remain constantly on the move and be re-supplied by air drops."

While British officials are maintaining no desire or preparations for a conflict with Iran, more British troops are being mobilized and deployed to Iraq at the same time. The Light Infantry of the 2nd Battalion, another unit with rapid deployment capabilities, is deploying to the southern Iraqi border with Iran. The 2nd Battalion is being sent to Iraq under the pretext of working in the Rear Operations Battle Group which will provide escorts for military convoys and security for British forces and bases in Basra.12

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