Friday, August 10, 2007


Lenin's Tomb

Kirsty Wark conducted a raised-eyebrow piece on the topic for the BBC's supposedly analytical Newsnight programme on Friday (while wearing a seriously offensive blouse...

The trouble is that no viewer would have understood the slightest thing that was happening.
  • One would gather that there was some sort of war on,
  • that there had been a peace deal last year, but it failed,
  • that there are several groups fighting rather than two,
  • that dreadful things have happened including 200,000 deaths and 2 million refugees.

They didn't name a single rebel group,

  • interview anyone from them,
  • explain their grievances,
  • or the basis of the combat.

It was mentioned that this UN force basically has no mandate except to observe,
  • which means they can't disarm militias.

Okay, which militias?
  • The Justice and Equality Movement?
  • The fractious Sudan Liberation Army/Movement?
  • The 'Arab' nomads now engaged in fratricidal violence over land?
No explanations here.

The Sudanese ambassador was not asked why his government is happy to have tens of thousands of AU and UN troops stationed about an insurgency hot-spot watching a civil war go on around them like a bunch of lemons.

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