Friday, August 10, 2007


Gustavo Petro (Polo Democratico Alternativa) is a good example--facing down the Uribe-connected, fascist death squads who have been backed politically and financially (billions of our taxpayer dollars) by the Bush Junta.

US militarization and criminalization of the drug problem

US-instigated global corporate predator "free trade."

representing that vast majority is a dangerous business in South America, as it is in any region rich in oil and otherresources coveted by US-based corporate predators

Rigoberta Menchu who is running for president in Guatemala (winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for her work in exposing the Reagan-backed Guatemalan death squads who slaughtered 200,000 Mayan villagers in the '80s);

Lopez Obrador in Mexico and the leaders of the Oaxaca resistance, who have maintained the peace in Mexico, despite extreme provocation (stolen elections, violent repression);

Fernando Lugo in Paraguay, known as the "bishop of the poor," who has resigned from the Church to run for president (and has both the Church and entrenched fascist interests opposing him), and

Ollanta Humala in Peru (who came out of nowhere last year--with no experience and no money--and almost won the presidency of Peru, on behalf of the poor majority).

US and Colombia and Guatemala with rightwing murderers, torturers and thieves still in control, and massive and cunning measures in place to prevent democracy (will of the majority) here--including Bushite-controlled electronic voting machines run on 'trade secret' code, and our war profiteering corporate news monopolies.

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