Wednesday, August 15, 2007


In “coming to terms” with answers to the grave problems that he has gathered and presented, Mr. Gore suggests that the solutions lie in Capitalist Light production and techno-fixes. “Just look at Toyota’s growth and lead in the market, and they make small cars”,...He is more anxious about saving face on behalf of capitalism and the liberal/republican state than he is about “saving the planet”....Gory Al also talks about war and missiles - how many, again, was it that you and Clinton the Self-centred fired at Iraq, before Bush declared it, once again, a “real” war?...

The media is dependant on advertising money from the big companies and they are dependant on consent to their profit missions, so they don’t spend money on a paper that also publishes anti-capitalist or socialist, or even just soft-socially conscious stuff. They want a clean, “level” playing field, where they can do what they want. That’s why one can say that Gore is manufacturing and then domestication, paralysing, discontent, for he denies the intricate relations between the particular economic system or mode of production that we general call capitalism, but which “they” call the “free” market - a system which has been called into question with regards to social and environmental destruction for as long as it has existed:

it confuses the viewer who is left with clear messages that all that is needed to save the planet is different shopping patterns, Japanese cars (well, really what he wants is or the U.S. producers of cars to improve the fuel mileage) and energy saving light bulbs. That’s it, nada mas!

this film demands no real change in the world, just asks for people to shop differently and to write letters to their representatives. AS a matter of fact, one only needs about 40% of the film, the rest is wanking in public and misleading viewers.

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