Friday, December 28, 2007


This article is a brief description of the murder rampage that Benazir Bhutto was hired to unleash after her "assured" election this coming January.

Musharraf was being dumped because he is in some ways an "ally" of the Taliban. He signed a peace treaty with them a year ago where he turned North Waziristan over to them giving them a secure redoubt from which to launch raids into Afghanistan. He has basically been "gaming" Bush for the billions since the beginning.

The first thing to note is that this article is describing a "school of america's" type counter-insurgency operations where war is waged more on the civilian population than on the insurgents.

The article is a sanitized version so you need to translate some code words, such as:

vastly expand = several 100 thousands women and children will be slaughtered
indigenous and clandestine = death squads
Taliban = ethnic Pashtuns, the overwhelming majority in the NW terrr., etc.
paramilitary ops = death squad ops against civilian populations
Pentagon/frustrated = Musharaff is refusing to cooperate, replace with Bhutto (who had signed on)
Frontier Corps = death squads

This anticipated Pakistan operation is an expansion of another modified "school of america's" type operation that has been going on the Iraq since last April and is often referred to as "awakening groups" or "concerned local citizens" groups which is described here.

In this article, Iran = not only Iran, but any Shia that is opposed to the US project. This would include Muqtada al Sadr and elements of the Maliki government. The US also has plans to expand the "awakening groups" model to south Iraqi Shias in order to peel off and organize paramilitary Shias to fight al Sadr and and other anti US Shia elements.

While the jury is still out, the US thinks that this Iraqi operation is a success and they were going to put Bhutto in power and expand it to Pakistan.

Pro-US military experts like this guy

and this guy

say it will not work in Pakistan. Now the neocons have lost Bhutto and in a military garrisoned city. No matter who did the deed, they could not have possibly done it without the complicity of the military. I don't think the neocons have anyone with which to substitute for Bhutto.

That leaves Nawaz Sharif as the top opposition figure. Sharif was "put in play" at the same time that the neo-cons put Bhutto in play - in what appeared to be a counter move. I don't know about now, but in the past, Sharif has attempted to appeal to Islamic militants, arguing that Pakistan needs to pare down its cooperation with the US.


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