Monday, February 18, 2008


The problem with the concept of a “deep state” is that it’s the nature of EVERY state.

You can’t have a criminal state if you don’t have a state in the first place.

You can’t have “corporations’ running the state if 1) you realize that corporations are creations of the state, and 2) you don’t have a state to create them.

But it’s irrelevant to point this out because the state is an ingrained concept in human culture at this point - like the notion of religion - and it will never be excised - except by the appropriate technology.

Fortunately, we Transhumans will have that technology in another few decades.

And then both the state and religion will be destroyed, and human nature will be transcended, and human history brought to a deserved end.

In the meantime, as the villain in the movie “Gorky Park” said, “You see, corruption is part of us. All of us. The very heart of us…”

The Transhumans Are Coming!


MarcLord said...

thanks, very thought-provoking. Had many of these observations myself, albeit with a grain of salt. "Reversion to the mean" is also a powerful force in human affairs, and I'm torn between the two beliefs.

Jesus del Norte said...

Hey marclord, I just picked up your comment. I think nihilism is easy. The tricky part is finding a way to keep the faith. They say one man can make a difference.