Monday, February 18, 2008


If the laws of physics were in place on 9/11, the towers were demolished with incendiaries (thermate has been proven to be used by Prof. Steven Jones). A total collapse AT FREE FALL SPEED is a physical impossibility without the structure being progressively demolished ahead of the collapse front. FACT. FACT. Even if the towers DID begin to collapse from impact and fire (they didn’t), then the top of the building COULD NOT HAVE FALLEN THROUGH THE STRONGEST STRUCTURE (the rest of the building) EVER BUILT AT FREE FALL SPEED!

tell us how 3 steel concrete bldgs just disappeared in a flash with only supposedly 2 planes envolved.
I SAID SUPPOSEDLY! And while your at it–explain to us how a aluminum plane can smash into such a strong built bldg and the plane’snose cone come out the other end ? Smart folks know that the video of the plane was also a scam-came out–24 hrs after the hit.

If one jet plane could bring a tall steel framed highrise so perfectly straight down like its claimed happened that day, how come demolition experts don’t use the comparatively cheap method of igniting multi-gallons of jetfuel(karosene) instead of the millions spent on intricately rigged controlled demolition which it obviously was.

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MarcLord said...

Slam-bang succint, particularly liked the last paragraph.

I was not aware they claimed the nose cone came out the other side...saw it, and assumed it was an engine.