Monday, February 25, 2008


By way of Angry Arab

"By identifying Israel with the supposed underdog, ethnic Albanians in Kosovo, Haaretz implicitly recognizes that there are indeed some striking similarities though not ones it would acknowledge. Kosovo, like Israel, was illegally severed by force of arms from another country against the wishes of the majority population of the whole territory. Both entities came into being and can only survive with the sponsorship and support of the Great Powers of the day who sustain them in violation of international law because it suits their imperial interests.

Furthermore, both entities are animated by a virulent ethno-nationalism that is fundamentally incompatible with the values of freedom, tolerance and democracy that they claim to have come into being to uphold. In this sense, Kosovo is the latest in a collection of Western-backed pseudo-states that also includes the Kurdish entity in northern Iraq."


Anonymous said...

Your facts are wrong. Israel is the only nation in the middle east NOT created by force of arms, but by the peaceful process of consent of the entire world community.

The war which followed was started by Arab nations, not Israel, and it was not intended to create a nation, but to destroy two nations, both the new Jewish one, which survived that war, and the new Arab one, which did not.

Israel survives despite repeated violence, not because of it.

Jesus del Norte said...

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