Saturday, November 15, 2008


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Republicans -- whose
  • prescription drug entitlement is the largest expansion of the welfare state since President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society gave
  • birth to Medicare in 1965; and a majority of whom in Congress supported a
  • lavish farm bill at a time of record profits for the less than 2 percent of the American people-cum-corporations who farm --
  • and their administration were partially nationalizing the banking system, putting
  • Detroit on the dole

The distribution of a trillion dollars by a political institution -- the federal government -- will be nonpolitical? How could it be? Either markets allocate resources, or government -- meaning politics -- allocates them.

Sugar import quotas cost the American people approximately $2 billion a year, but that sum is siphoned from 300 million consumers

government spreading of wealth is economically destructive and morally dubious -- destructive because, by directing capital to suboptimum uses

It is also because the socialism we do have is the surreptitious socialism of the strong, e.g., sugar producers represented by their Washington hirelings.

rent-seeking -- bending government for the benefit of private factions.

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