Friday, February 12, 2010


the goose in Afghanistan is cooked
“great dilemma
“whether to reconcile with the men who sheltered Osama bin Laden
the neocons and their pals in the right-wing hate chorus will flay Obama alive if he takes it
also entail making nice with
Mohammed Omar
as Gareth Porter
points out
negotiations revolves
could accept
Mullah Omar
with enforcing all that mean old sharia law and not allowing Afghan girls to go to school or vote or anything
he did give bin Laden sanctuary
Hillary Clinton
palace puzzlers
letting rank-and-file Talibani back in the fold and giving them jobs
Sunni militants in Iraq but didn’t
Hillary has been a bigger disaster than Condi Rice
willing to negotiate
as long as they
capitulate to America’s terms first
she doesn’t control foreign policy
dictated by the Department of Defense
young Mr. Bush started doing whatever his generals told him
The generals
are starting to march to a different tune
Stanley McChrystal
listening to a different drummer
he’s grasping for a quick exit'

The counterinsurgency doctrine calls for a competent and reasonably honest host nation government and security force, and the Vulcans will reveal themselves and give us matter-antimatter technology before we see either of those things in Afghanistan.

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