Thursday, February 11, 2010


as a weathervane bof the middlebrow masses with a few idiosyncratic tics, gay marriage, “real” parentage of Sarah Palin’s daughter’s baby

a canary-in-the-mine impending disasters, he’s embraced a particular folly
soon became ubiquitous, in the vanguard

set the standard in the War Party for new ways to argue

Leon Wieseltier’s ridiculously vicious hit-piece, a little morality play, “Hoist With His Own Petard.”

when it was okay to smear anti-interventionists as purveyors of the Protocols
Sullivan, acting out his chosen role as the War Party’s Grand Inquisitor

weather turned, the weathervane began pointing in another direction, Sullivan
full circle, strong critique of neo-conservatism

I must disagree with the estimable Glenn Greenwald. Wieseltier’s polemic is a classic example of anti-semitism accusations tossed around with no conceivable basis and for purely ignoble ends

“It’s the very tactic used by Sullivan. he has smeared Pat Buchanan, accused Ron Paul of being a closet “white nationalist

the antics of the Israel lobby have become so carelessly aggressive, it is no longer possible to deny the extent of its influence, in the halls of Congress
which Pat Buchanan described as “Israeli-occupied territory,” but also in the media.

Sullivan is protected by his corporate sponsors, The Atlantic
He used to run an site subsidized by Big Pharma he misaken is cost-less

Sullivanian evolution from devoted Bushian to slavish apologist for Obama
A shill for whatever regime is in power

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